Keeping It Green

"At Josh & Jenna we truly believe that the combined small changes we all make today as individuals can make a big difference and help ensure a better world for future generations to come which is why reducing our company's carbon footprint is an integral part of our company policy"  - Andreas Hartung (BA Hons. Environmental Studies) - Josh & Jenna Company Director.

Cardboard & Paper - We always try to reuse as much packaging as possible and ensure that all excess paper, cardboard and plastic is disposed of in a responsible way through our cardboard recycling partners at 'Flood Recycling Dublin'. In a world where climate change and limited resources are constantly being stretched to the limit, we make every effort possible to ensure that we reduce, reuse and recycle where possible.

Electronic Equipment & Consumables - We always ensure that electronic office equipment & packaging machinery is set to operate at maximum efficiency to help reduce both energy and material usage. We also try to use energy efficient lighting where possible.

Electronic Billing & Forms - Whenever you place an order online, if you specify a different billing address, your receipt is not sent with your order but sent electronically with your confirmation email as a printer friendly document (this can then be printed only if required). 'Return Forms' are also available electronically and can be downloaded directly from our website, meaning they are only printed out when a return is made.