TAX free shopping & customs



If you are visiting Ireland from outside the EU, did you know you can reclaim the VAT Tax on any items purchased at our Dublin store, once the items are brought home after your visit. All Tax reclaims are handled via a registered refund agency and can be processed at the airport upon your departure or by sending the appropriate paper work by post to the Tax Free Worldwide Office when you arrive back home.

So how does it work?

Well its really simple, when you visit our store, just notify a member of our sales team that you intend to reclaim the VAT (Value Added Tax) back on the items you wish to purchase and they will assist you with the relevant form which requires information such as your Name, Place of Residence, and your Departure Details from the EU. Once you have completed and signed it, all you need to do is place it in the pre-paid envelop with a copy of your store receipt and either drop it into the Tax Free Worldwide desk on your way home at the Airport Departure area, or send it by post to the Tax Free Worldwide office when you arrive back home.

* If your total purchase is over €2000 you will also need an additional 'Customs Stamp' which can be obtained at the Airport Arrivals or Departure area.

Note: TAX FREE Shopping applies to residents living outside the EU.



Customers outside the EU are not charged Tax (VAT) on purchases, once the items are being delivered and signed for outside the EU however depending on the value of your order, customs or import charges may apply when you buy online from outside the EU.

Generally speaking, in many cases if your order is below a certain limit then import duties may not apply in your country, however this varies widely between countries and it is the responsibility of the receiver to cover these cost, if they do apply.

If you are unsure we would recommend contacting your local customs or tax office who should be able to advise you on the specific regulations and import costs that may apply in your country.


Josh & Jenna