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Nursery interior design inspiration by Cathy Dwyer

Tuesday, 6 March 2018  |  Admin

All Images featured © Cathy Dwyer

"We asked Cathy Dwyer from Instagram @weecathyloves about what inspires her the most about her fabulous nursery & kids room designs as well as some of her favourite products and top tips when embarking on your own nursery or kids room design project"

What inspired you? 

I have always been slightly obsessed with Nursery’s...(A strange one I know...but very true!) 
I remember watching Father of the Bride part 2 years ago and seeing the nursery reveal it gave me all the heart swells and I fell in love with this dreamy world that was created and existed within this space. I guess no one does fairytales like Hollywood but definitely after seeing that movie I knew I wanted to create my own dreamy fairytale nursery someday.

Indeed I have always loved fairytales and forests are almost always a reoccurring place/theme within them. It was from this that I got the idea of creating a nursery under the theme of “The Enchanted Forest”.  I knew that I would call my little girl Fiadh Rose when she was born and I felt that this theme allowed me to incorporate the animals of the particular...little deer...(Which is what Fiadh means in Irish). 

I love French Styles and I have a slight weakness for anything Parisian or rustic French, that’s not to say that you won’t find Scandinavian Furniture and accessories scattered throughout my home too! I like to mix and match and have fun with it all. It’s really wonderful to have such a variety of stores and styles to choose from.

The Room:

The Room itself is rectangular in shape and faces Westerly so it gets beautiful light throughout the day. It was painted white and originally had carpet on the floor but this was replaced with a Greige laminate floor. Initially I struggled with the colours that I would use. I had chosen a forest theme and I think it was the teacher in me that felt drawn to brown tree decals with green leaves and strong primary colours which I knew could look cute but I also knew I wasn’t completely satisfied with. I wanted to avoid the cartoony affect and try to create something slightly more editorial... 

The Walls:

The walls are adorned with grey tree wall decals which allow our large Grey crib to nestle perfectly between them. We have one small deer wall decal, a nod to the theme without killing it. Framed Animal prints are on another wall and I had a large deer print blown up on Canvas for the small space beside the window it covers a ghastly wall vent.  Today, they have been replaced with fabulous artwork from an online shop called Faenarys. Fay is the artist that creates these magical images. I love them as they completely compliment the theme of the room.


The Moon Crib:

As a gift to Fiadh and me my uncle kindly made us a moon crib. I had seen one of these years ago and had locked it away in my memory...vowing that if I ever had a baby I would definitely a mooncrib made. It turned out better than I could ever have imagined and is an heirloom that will be passed down through our family.

Mood and Atmosphere:

If you follow me on Instagram you probably have noticed that I am constantly changing the room around. As Fiadh grows the space needs to adapt to her needs. During the day it is a place of fun and entertainment. At night it is lit with gentle, soft lights and I sometimes like to play classical lullaby’s to help with the wind down before bed.


The Brands that I love..

Cotton Sweets: 

I adore their dreamy range of nursery items. They were one of the first brands that I fell in love with when planning Fiadhs room. The handmade canopies alone are just beautiful and finished to the highest of standards as well as their gorgeous cloud mobile...definitely worth the every penny. - Shop the Canopy and Mobile HERE ►


This Smallstuff Doll stroller is one of Fiadh's favourite toys and she loves pushing it around the house. Shop the doll stroller HERE 

La Millou: 

This Polish brand has such a stunning range of items for baby, mom and nursery. I couldn’t resist the black swan bedding for her large grey’s super soft and cosy...I would love a set for my own bed! 


We have a large Miffy light in the nursey. It is such a feature and looks so well day and night. - Shop the Miffy light HERE ►


Fiadhs Light shade, chest of drawers and bookcase are all from ikea. I think they blend very well into the room. 

Happily Handmade:

Happily Handmade is a small Irish business based in Wexford and run by KellyMarie. She creates a range of beautiful items for little ones...I love the personalised dreamcatchers and mini wooden mountains with little sayings on them...I think anything wooden in a nursery just looks so precious. I love the sustainability of wooden toys which can be passed down from generation to generation. 

Finally I would just say to have fun when planning and preparing the space for your really is such an exciting time! Stay true to your style and what you love and you will undoubtedly enjoy every moment spent with your little one in the nursery of your dreams.

- "We'd like to thank Cathy for sending us in these fabulous images of Fiadhs magical room and for sharing some of her ideas and inspirational tips. To view many of these fantastic products, brands and more for your own Nursery design project visit -"